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"The Intergalactic Show:
Exploring NLP, Spirituality and The Times We Live In!
With Guhen Kitaoka (Japan), Rita Belo (Portugal) & Guests"!

This is a Website introducing the video series of "The Intergalactic Show” hosted by Guhen Kitaoka (Japan), Rita Belo (Portugal), et al.

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* Episode 1 (filmed on 21/02/17, 34 min.): https://youtu.be/pXFUJ_YFjbY
* Episode 2 (filmed on 21/03/11, 56 min.): https://youtu.be/OH7AUAkcAsM
* Episode 3 (filmed on 21/03/17, 50 min.): https://youtu.be/1aslF8QsHwk
* Episode 4 (filmed on 22/04/17, 60 min.): https://youtu.be/YriEw3eFs_Y

Presenters' Profiles:

Guhen Kitaoka

Guhen is a cross-cultural communication consultant, innovation modeling consultant, and life coach.

Born in Wakayama, Japan, in 1956, he has been a "psychonaut," i.e., an interdisciplinary student of human consciousness for over forty years.

He is the only Japanese NLP trainer officially trained by the four most important NLP co-founders/co-developers, i.e., John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier.

He now works, as an innovation modeling consultant, in the international communities, especially for the English speaking markets, for both foreign and Japanese clients who need to improve their international communication skills, using his long standing know-how of cross-cultural communication, as well as his extensive international experiences in the areas of personal development, therapy, NLP, and coaching.

Guhen contributes to the enhancement of his clients’ personal skills both in Japan and abroad, as a "life coach," to the solution of their day-to-day problems in their business and/or private environment, and to the securement of their mental wellness, all the more because he is also versed in Eastern meditational skills of Japan and India.

Guhen's blog site: http://www.psychonautics.info/

Rita Belo

Rita is a creative contributor in setting up ground-breaking projects linking arts, well-being, human development, innovation, sustainability and spirituality.

With an international outlook, she has spent most of her life between Portugal and the UK and she has also lived in Japan, Italy and Brazil.

She loves developing new concepts and bringing them to life and thrives in innovative and forward-thinking atmospheres.

She has a Masters in Psychology, a Post-Graduate Certification in Dance Movement Therapy and various trainings in NLP, 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine.

Rita loves spending time dancing, jogging, practicing yoga, cooking and writing slam poetry!